Charlie’s Story – Whitgift School

John Whitgift Foundation has been a strong support to Charlie and his Family. Coming from a single parent background, his family was finding it hard to make ends meet financially and private education wouldn’t have been an option for Charlie. John Whitgift Foundation is able to support Charlie and his family by offering a full bursary to attend Whitgift School to provide him with an exceptional education that matches his ambitions. Like 46% of students who attend our foundation schools Charlie receives financial support in the form of a bursary or scholarship from John Whitgift Foundation.

Since enrolling at Whitgift School Charlie has proven himself to be a strong academic and athlete, recently taking part in winning the ISFA U15 Nationals. Charlie has big ambitions for the future, setting his sights on studying medicine and university to become a doctor in Sports Medicine. His studies at Whitgift School will prepare him for the challenges and opportunities that life presents us with. Whitgift School gives students the confidence and resilience to embrace new challenges and face them head on to achieve the best possible results.

Our bursary scheme provides life-changing opportunities for young people in Croydon, helping families with fee assistance and access to an outstanding education through bursaries and scholarships. Across our three foundation schools we grant over £5 million in bursaries every year, these bursaries benefit our schools’ communities by creating a more socially cohesive community. Additionally, our bursary amounts can offer up to 110% of the fee amount to cover the entirety of the tuition fees as well as additional support with school uniforms, lunches, travel and school trips.

Our Bursary FAQ page has information and answers for frequently asked questions, additionally, the Bursary Application Portal is accessible from our website. Alternatively, each Foundation school has information specific to each school available on their websites.

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