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Bursaries and scholarships

Bursaries are a means-tested financial contribution towards school fees awarded by the John Whitgift Foundation. Providing that a candidate in the entrance examination at 11+ and Sixth Form (as well as 10+ and 13+ for Trinity and Whitgift) has done extremely well, the admissions teams of Trinity or Whitgift will ask the John Whitgift Foundation Bursary team to invite the candidate’s family for an online financial assessment. Levels of bursary awards are solely defined by the outcome of the household’s bursary assessment. Bursary funds are limited but often life changing solutions to households who have chosen one of our Foundation schools for the education of their children.

Scholarships are a financial contribution towards school fees awarded by Old PalaceTrinity or Whitgift schools based on exceptional talent either academically, in a specific subject area or all around. Each school has its own arrangements for awarding scholarships which can be up to 50% of the school fees. To find out more about scholarships, visit our schools’ websites.

How do I apply for a bursary?

We are delighted that we made more than £6.6 million available to families through our bursary scheme for students starting in September 2022, particularly during this difficult inflationary economic context.

Similar funds will be available for the academic year 2023-24. We anticipate that we will be sending invitations for new bursary applications to take place in January 2023 after your son or daughter has sat the entrance examination and the schools have notified us of those students to whom they wish to consider offering a bursary. (Years 6 and 7 entries); and in December 2022 for the 6th form entries. In the meantime, to help us anticipate demand, and so that we can let you know when to apply for a bursary, we ask that you register your interest by completing the form below.

Our schools invite you to find out about the first-class educational opportunities they provide through a series of open events during the autumn term and throughout the year – further information on dates and times can be found here. You will also need to apply to your chosen school online by visiting the respective websites for Old Palace of John WhitgiftTrinity or Whitgift.

Bursary interest application

The 2024-25 bursary registrations are now closed. They will re-open on Friday 6th September 2024 for the 2025-26 academic year applications.

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Do I qualify for a bursary?

To qualify for a bursary once the application process is open for new bursary awards, our Fees and Bursary Team will carry out a thorough online assessment of your family’s income and assets. To qualify for a bursary assessment, you will be asked to provide the British passports of all family members. If any family member is not of British nationality, we will ask for their visa with an indefinite leave to remain status* (* being in the process of applying for such visa status at the time of the bursary assessment will unfortunately not be sufficient, as we need this ILR status to have already been obtained from the government’s immigration services). If any family member is of European nationality, we will ask for confirmation of their settled status under the European Settlement Scheme. Finally, we will also be asking for the birth certificate of the child in the name of whom the bursary application is being made.

The amount of bursary awarded will depend on several factors including:

Your family’s relevant income. This is usually calculated as the total income (before tax) from all sources for both parents. Family size is also a factor taken into account. Assessments are carried out based on the information we require from the previous financial year. If you have experienced any significant changes to your income during the current year, this will only impact the bursary award for the next academic year. The assessment will also consider any financial support you are receiving such as government benefits.
Your family’s assets, including equity in property assets, cash at the bank, other types of investments or any external pay-outs due during the year of the assessment.

We also require you to provide evidence of your income such as form P60 or end of year accounts and Inland Revenue tax returns, or your set of financial accounts, whether you are employed, unemployed, self-employed, or retired.

You will only be asked to provide these documents if the school selects you for a bursary application and you will do this by being given access to our secure bursary portal. All information is stored securely and processed confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

If a bursary is granted, this is a discretionary charitable donation from the John Whitgift Foundation, which is assessed annually. As a result, it may be adjusted, increased, or reduced, if your financial profile changes year on year.

If you have any queries, please email our JWF Bursaries Team at

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