Bursary Case Studies

Providing opportunities through education

Marcel Story

Marcel’s Story

Marcel was an exceptional student who was a recipient of a bursary at Whitgift School. Now having completed his studies at Whitgift School having achieved…

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Pauls Story

Paul’s Story

Paul graduated from Trinity in 1984 after receiving a bursary placement at the school to support his education. ‘What sets Trinity apart is I think…

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Gabriels Story

Gabriel’s Story

Gabriel completed his studies at Trinity School having achieved A-levels in Economics, Maths and Chemistry moving on to City University, London to study maths. However,…

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Emily Story

Emily’s Story

Emily completed her studies having achieved an A* in Spanish and 2 B’s in French and Geography with the ambition to study Geography at university…

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Alexas Story

Alexa’s Story

Alexa completed her studies at Old Palace School in 2008 with straight A’s throughout her education. She went on to study French and Politics at…

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Alans Story

Alan’s Story

Alan was a recipient of a bursary when he enrolled at Whitgift School in 1953 and graduated six years later after a successful time at…

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