Bill’s Story – Whitgift Almshouses

Bill has been a resident of the Whitgift Almshouses for years now, and in that time he has made many friends and become an active member of the community. Before moving here, Bill would often spend his days sitting at home alone, working on crossword puzzles. He found it hard to socialise and felt very lonely. However, since moving into the Almshouses, Bill has been much happier. He enjoys chatting with his neighbours and taking part in the various social activities on offer. The Almshouses have provided Bill with a supportive community that he can rely on, whilst being support by our sheltered team who are available throughout the week should any residents need assistance. Bill enjoys his time at the Almshouses and is very grateful.

Using the minibus service provided by Whitgift Care, he can travel to Whitgift and Wilhelmina House, Whitgift Care’s additional care homes, to play Bingo and socialise with other residents. He’s also made some good friends in the Whitgift Care community that he often goes for coffee or lunch within Croydon.

Steeped in history and tradition the Almshouses is one of the original buildings from the creation of the Foundation in 1596. Residents living in the Almshouses are supported in living independent lives under their own care in self-catered sheltered housing that overlooks a beautiful private garden. In line with our founders wishes residents at the Almshouses must meet specific entry criteria for admittance. Residents at the home must be over the age of 60, of modest means, communicant members of the Church of England, and come from the parishes of Lambeth, Croydon or Kent. For more information about the Almshouses visit our Whitgift Care website. Here you can find information on all our care settings, latest news from the care homes and upcoming open events to visit us.