Marcel’s Story – Whitgift School

Marcel was an exceptional student who was a recipient of a bursary at Whitgift School. Now having completed his studies at Whitgift School having achieved an outstanding 43/45 points in his International Baccalaureate he studies Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. During his time at the school he was the School Captain, Hockey Captain and founded the Chemistry Society.

‘I believe John Whitgift Foundation’s bursary support scheme is very important. My biggest ambition for the future is to make a positive impact in the wider community. The legacy I would like to leave is to be able to help open opportunities to everyone. I think the Foundation’s bursary scheme helps to do that. Whitgift School has opened my eyes to the fact that if I’m willing to work hard there is no limit to what I can achieve. When you are in an environment where the people around you are achieving great things, it inspires you to go ahead and do the same. Whitgift School is all about opportunity. It has been a great opportunity for me to develop myself as a person and find my passions.’

Whitgift School offers bursaries for applicants up to 110% of the fee amount to cover the cost of tuition fees and support additional costs such as school uniform, lunches and trips. Bursary amounts are means-tested and dependent on a family’s individual financial circumstances and highest performance on the entrance exams. Whitgift School receives financial support from John Whitgift Foundation each year to support one in ten of the 1,500 students. The bursaries benefit the entire school community by enhancing academic and wider curricular standards and continue to make Whitgift School a more socially cohesive community. This further reinforces the aspirational and inclusive nature of the foundation and Whitgift School.

John Whitgift Foundation grant over £5 million a year in bursaries across our three schools to grant life changing opportunities for young people in the Croydon area and grant them an outstanding education. For more information on bursaries, scholarships and fee assistance visit our Bursary FAQ page or visit the Whitgift School website.

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