Investing in our local community for over 425 years

John Whitgift Statue


For over 425 years, we have been using the land and assets set aside by our founder, Archbishop John Whitgift, to generate income which we reinvest into the local community. One of our missions is to ensure that John Whitgift Foundation creates a charitable legacy through education and care and helps to build a brighter future for the Croydon community as a whole.

We have a large property portfolio built upon the original parcels of farmland that John Whitgift left us: from Grade I listed historical sites like the Almshouses to more modern commercial buildings in the heart of Croydon. Throughout our history, our property portfolio has grown substantially and today we continue to play a key role in the development and regeneration of our local community. The rental income we receive allows us to subsidise the care services we offer via our care homes and the Carers’ Information Centre and to provide a substantial amount of bursary assistance to help local children access our outstanding independent schools.

The multiple income sources of the John Whitgift Foundation allow us to further expand our charitable work. We’re extremely proud of the work the Foundation does, and we aim to increase the level of support and assistance we provide to the local community year on year. Driven by John Whitgift’s mission and values we always want to do more for the London Borough of Croydon. That’s why as well as the income we receive from our investments, we also rely on the support of our alumni and care communities to help raise the much-needed funding for the vital work our charity carries out.

Facts and Figures

  • £6.5m awarded in bursaries and scholarships this year alone
  • 46% of students supported at our foundation schools
  • We employ over 1,000 staff across our services
  • We educated over 3,200 students in our three schools
  • We care for 88 elderly residents in our care homes
  • We supply support to Croydon’s 34,000 unpaid carers