Kathy’s Story – Whitgift Care

Kathy has been a Senior Nurse at Whitgift Care for ten years. She specialises in end-of-life care and has been on the Gold Standard framework training course to give the highest standard of care to her residents. Kathy is passionate about making sure that her residents are comfortable and have the best possible quality of life in their final days. She works closely with families to ensure that they are kept informed and involved in their loved one’s care, and she makes sure that residents’ dignity and respect are always maintained. Kathy is a skilled and compassionate nurse, and her dedication to her residents is evident in the high-quality care she provides.

Kathy plays an important role in promoting the well-being of her residents. On a typical day, she ensures that they see a GP regularly and receive the correct medication and care. This can be challenging at times, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Kathy builds strong relationships with both residents and their relatives, updating loved ones on residents’ progress and needs on a regular basis. Seeing her residents improve and knowing that she has made a difference in their lives is what motivates her to continue doing her job each day.

As the care home provides 24-hour care, there are always challenges to overcome or a need to take care of, whether that is liaising with a GP, or sitting with an unwell resident in the middle of the night. The staff work together to maintain the smooth running of the Home; everyone has their part to play in ensuring that the residents receive the best possible care. The carers get to know the residents very well and build strong relationships with them; this means that they can provide the best possible care, tailored to each individual. There is a real sense of teamwork at the home, and everyone works together to provide a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for the residents.