Caring for Croydon

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Serving Croydon

When Archbishop John Whitgift created the foundation in 1596 his vision was to educate and care for the people of Croydon. Today, more than 425 years later the John Whitgift Foundation carries on his legacy of caring for Croydon. From supporting Croydon’s carers to giving the older residents of Croydon a sense of community, comfort and joy in later life, we want to ensure everyone in our community is looked after with care and compassion. To do this we use the land and assets set aside by our founder to generate income which we put back into our community, this in turn funds the charitable work we carry out in John Whitgift’s name.

Opportunities through Education

Our foundation has three leading independent schools offering a rich and balanced curriculum with fantastic facilities and a great emphasis on providing students with the skills they need to think critically and independently. Our bursary and scholarship scheme are one of the largest in the country, giving financial support to 47% of our students. Visit our bursary FAQ page for more information and how to apply.

Old Palace Students
Whitgift Care

Care across Croydon

Whitgift Care is the care home branch of the foundation. It provides a broad range of subsidised services from residential care within the retirement community to sheltered housing and full-time patient-centred care. Our private care homes support the elderly retirement community of Croydon with affordable residential and nursing care, on a short or long-term basis. Whether you need full-time nursing care or temporary residential care, our care homes in Croydon are equipped with modern facilities and run by fully trained staff ready to provide care and support. For full information visit our Whitgift Care website.

Carers Information Centre

Our Carers Information Service offers information, advice, and support to carers who live in or care for someone in the London borough of Croydon. The CIS resources can be accessed online or in person at the Carers Information Centre based in the heart of Croydon. This is a free service with funding provided by the John Whitgift Foundation and Croydon Council. For more information visit the CIS website.

Carers Cafe