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Whitgift is a leading independent school in Croydon founded in 1600

Excellence in Education

Whitgift School is dedicated to providing an excellent education for all of its students. The curriculum at Whitgift School is designed to stimulate independent thinking and encourage a lifelong love of learning. The school provides an academic challenge for all students and offers opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. The faculty at Whitgift is dedicated to supporting students in achieving their goals and dreams. The school environment is one that is supportive and encouraging, where each student can reach their full potential. Whitgift is a school that gets its students excited about learning and continually supports them in their journey to becoming lifelong learners.

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Enriching Curriculum

Archbishop John Whitgift founded the hospital and school in March 1596. The hospital was for the poor and the attached grammar school was conducted by the chief official of the hospital – the schoolmaster and chaplain. The School opened in 1600 and educated boys from Croydon and the surrounding area. It was one of the first schools in England to offer comprehensive education, including Latin, Greek and theology. The school paved the way for the ‘Whitgift’ of today. Today, Whitgift is a leading independent school in Croydon, offering world-class education to boys from 10-18 years old. With over 1,200 boys on roll, Whitgift is one of the largest independent schools in the UK. The School is committed to providing an excellent all-around education, with a strong focus on academic achievement, personal development and co-curricular involvement. Whitgift School offers an innovative Junior Years Curriculum, solid academic focus and broad co-curricular provision. Full, weekly and flexi boarding is offered from 13+.

Equal Access

Whitgift School is committed to providing opportunities for boys from all backgrounds to thrive. Financial barriers should not be a barrier to making an application and Whitgift offers bursaries up to 110% of the fee amount. This means that 100% of tuition fees are covered as well as support with school uniforms, school lunches, travel on the school buses and money towards the cost of school. Boys at Whitgift School can have the opportunity to come and thrive at Whitgift regardless of their background. Bursary amounts are means-tested and dependent on a family’s individual financial circumstances. The John Whitgift Foundation provides £2.15 million to Whitgift each year, which enables the school to offer means-tested bursarial support to around 15% of its 1,500 students. This support is something that the school is very proud of.

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Bursary Case Studies

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Alan’s Story

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