Founder’s Day Service 2021

Special guest joins virtual Founder’s Day Service for 425th anniversary The Most Revd and the Rt Hon Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, features in today’s Founder’s Day Service to mark 425 years since Archbishop John Whitgift laid the first foundation…

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Community Whitgift Almshouse Garden

What is John Whitgift Foundation

What is John Whitgift Foundation? Founded in 1596, Archbishop John Whitgift created a foundation to care for and educate the people of Croydon. Over 425 years later we’re still serving the people of Croydon using the land and assets set…

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Community Whitgift Care Garden

John Whitgift Foundation Recruitment

John Whitgift Foundation Recruitment John Whitgift Foundation has been a major employer in Croydon for over 425 years, providing employment and support for the local communities through the arms of the Foundation. In recent times the Foundation has been accredited…

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Community Old Palace Senior

Upcoming School Open Days

Upcoming School Open Days John Whitgift Foundation schools provide outstanding academic opportunities to pupils and each has healthy and active alumni communities that stretch far past school leaving age.  The schools hold a series of open days throughout the year…

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Community Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

John Whitgift Foundation’s community offers our sincere condolences to the Royal Family following the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II has died. We give thanks for her Majesty The Queen’s dedicated and loyal service during her 70-year reign. The Queen ruled for…

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