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John Whitgift Foundation has a long charitable history, for over 425 years we have cared for and supported the people of Croydon. When our founder Archbishop John Whitgift left his land and assets to the foundation, he entrusted the foundation to carry on his legacy and fulfil his wishes. Throughout our history, the land and wealth have been carefully invested to fund the charitable work the foundation carries out in his name and ensures the continuation of the charity.

As a foundation, we have a financial responsibility to ensure the furtherance of John Whitgift’s vision and continue the work we carry out long into the future to serve Croydon’s future generations. Our annual journal is an assessment of the charity’s finances and an overview of the foundation. It also offers a chance to reflect on the charitable achievements of the past year. Overseeing and guiding the charity we have our Court governors, with a vast range of finance, education, care and business backgrounds who ensure the success of the foundation.

Annual Journal 2020

Community Endures

In 2020 our annual journal was themed around ‘Community Endures’ which demonstrated the resilience of the local community and the extremely challenging year that the country faced during lockdown. We acknowledged our staff and alumni from our schools who battled to save lives in hospitals across the UK, design teachers manufacturing PPE for frontline workers, minibuses delivering essential supplies, care home residents sewing scrubs for the NHS, and staff at the Carers Support Centre arranging food parcels for carers as far away as Milton Keynes and Plymouth.

These are the stories worth celebrating but we must reflect on how we saw our community pull together and collaborate to support each other in such unprecedented times. We can take pride in the way our community responded in the face of adversity.

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