Emily’s Story – Old Palace School

Emily completed her studies having achieved an A* in Spanish and 2 B’s in French and Geography with the ambition to study Geography at university and become an environmental lawyer.

‘I chose to study at Old Palace School because it seemed to be a very inclusive school that appealed to different types of people from different backgrounds. Forget all the stereotypes about an independent school because Old Palace defies all the stigmas. Studying at Old Palace was a fantastic experience. The teachers are brilliant, they really pay attention to your needs individually. Sometimes I felt the teachers knew me better than I knew myself and that was very comforting to know; they really had my best interests at heart.’

‘John Whitgift Foundation bursary fund has made a huge difference in my life. It enabled me to come to Old Palace School and gave me a fantastic education and experiences that I will never forget.’

Old Palace School supports students with bursary offers for applicants up to 110% of the fee amount to cover the cost of tuition fees and help with additional school costs such as uniform, lunches and school trips. Old Palace School bursaries are offered to girls applying for a place in Year 7 who meet the bursary criteria. Bursary amounts are means-tested and dependent on a family’s individual financial circumstances and performance on the entrance exams. In line with our founder’s wishes the bursary fund is to support students from low-income families as part of its charitable commitment to the community and the education of children.

John Whitgift Foundation grant over £5 million a year in bursaries across our three schools to grant life changing opportunities for young people in the Croydon area and grant them an outstanding education. For more information on bursaries, scholarships and fee assistance visit our Bursary FAQ page or visit the Old Palace School website.

Old Palace Fees, Scholarship and Bursaries: https://www.oldpalace.croydon.sch.uk/admissions/scholarships-and-bursaries/

Whitgift School, Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships: https://www.whitgift.co.uk/admissions/fee-assistance

Trinity School Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships: https://trinity-school.org/admissions/fees-bursaries-scholarships/